Home boxes

Updated: March 30, 2012, 3:16 pm

How the Home boxes looks like ?

Home box custom type comes with these settings:

  • Title – Title of the current box
  • Content – Text shown in the box
  • Featured image – Image of the Home box
  • Large box – The swich, which sets the large box layout of the Home box, like in the picture above
  • Link – The link on to which the Home box will be pointing

How to fill Home boxes with content ?

You can fill up the content of this custom type by clicking on the Home boxes menu item in the wordpress admin menu. The picture belows shows this process:

To add a new box click on the “Add New” on the top of the screen or in the Home Boxes submenu

INFO: Optimum size for the featured images are:

  • Small box – 117 x 117 px
  • Big box – 326 x 220 px

How to insert Home boxes to the page ?

The Home boxes can be added through the WP-Admin > AIT Themes > General Settings.