Homepage Layout description

Updated: April 26, 2012, 2:30 pm

Halfscreen comes with all kinds of new features including top-strips, 3D slider, content reorder, wrapped sidebar.

Homepage, as you can see on the image below, consists of a topside widget area.

This area is capable of holding together important information about your bussiness, like google mapcontactssocial networks, and many more information of your choise. It also holds the control to change the page language using wpml plugin.


Creating such top-strips is very easy. There is two types of top-strip items:

1. Custom (For insterting custom content into the strip, like contact with google map)

2. Social (For interting social buttons like Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. )

For editing the top strip item go to your Wp-admin -> Top-strips -> Add new. For this example we show the set-up on existing item.

As you can see on the picture above, the title with green rectangle around is used on the left side of an icon as a text description of  a social button. The buttons image is the featured image of a top-strip item. As we mentioned above, the social category is selected. The selection of this category maintains the buttons in one dropdown as in the picture. Last setting for social button is the order. In the picture you can see how the order works.

Second category of an item is “custom”. In this category, the featured image is not used, because there is no need to have an image in a custom content, like google map. Also the “link” is not needed. Title is now used as a name for a drop-down button. The textfield “text” maintains the custom content. We can use shortcodes as well. The “Custom width” setting is for specifying the width of the content area, and is only apllyiable in the custom category setting.


The next thing in our template is the main menu with a description under the main title. We modified the wordpress menu generator, for you to have no problems when creating the menu. Menu creates the same way as you were used in the plain wordpress, but the title attribute is now used as the description under the main title of a menu item.


The variety of sliders has extended with a new 3D slider, so now you can choose from Cluster,Plain slider and the 3D slider. The slide creation stayed the same, only a few new settings were inserted.

Updated settings:

  • Slide Type [Normal slide (used in plain slider), 3D Slide (used in the 3D slider)]
  • Transition pieces – Number of cubes to rotate
  • Transition time – The time for the one cube to rotate
  • Transition type – Type of the rotation of the cubes (for more info check:http://hosted.zeh.com.br/tweener/docs/en-us/misc/transitions.html)
  • Transition delay – Delay between the start of one cube to the start of the next cube
  • Transition Depth Offset – The offset during transition on the z-axis
  • Transition Cube Distance – The distance between the cubes during transition
  • Content type (Image, Video, Swf)
Next thing for the slider is his global settings, whitch you can found in the Wp-admin -> General Settings -> Header
These settings sets the bahavior of the 3D slider. The left side of a current setting is the description. We set it this way, because it is easier to understand what the value you are setting up does =).


Next pieces in this template are the service boxes, widget areas, content and the static textwhich you can use as a form of advertisment or any other form of design. These four pieces can be reordered just by a single drag-and-drop in the Wp-admin -> General Settings -> Homepage

The home page widget area consists of two areas, left side and right side with the function of wrapping the widgets into a simple clickable sidebar.
The simple clickable sidebar or wrapped sidebar can be also used in the subpages, blog, etc.. To set up this sidebar style go to: Wp-admin -> Globals -> Sidebar options


Last thing to mention is the Layout style of the template. This template comes with two types of layout style:

  • Wide (Full window width)
  • Narrow (Centered page style)

To change the layout style, simply go to Wp-admin -> General Settings -> General