How can I download/update my theme?

Updated: December 9, 2012, 2:36 pm

If you purchase our theme at ThemeForest site, all you need to do is just sign in with your username and password, and then download your chosen theme.

When you need to download the new version of our theme, all steps are the same, just sign in with your credentials and download theme again from Downloadssection in your profile, see image below.

I need update my theme

Following the steps above, you download zip package from themeforest.
Theme package you can find inside this default package. Zip file with theme itself is named: [theme-name].zip, for example


If you made any changes in theme files directly, you need to backup your changes before theme updating, otherwise you lose all changes in theme files.
Everything what you’ve created in admin (posts, pages, sliders and other custom types) is saved in database and you didn’t lose anything.

Update theme using WordPress Admin section

1. Deactivate current theme – activate one of the default wordpress theme for example.
2. Delete theme. (if you do not remove theme, you probably receive error that the theme folder exists and installation failed)

3. Upload and install the package with new version of theme.

Update theme through FTP

1. Connect to your wordpress installation through FTP (use some FTP client as for example FileZilla, or cPanel – depends what you have available)
2. Go to the themes folder ./wp-content/themes/ and find folder with name of your theme.
3. Copy into this folder all files from theme package downloaded from Themeforest and overwrite all files of theme on your server.

Example how the FileZila client looks. On the left side are new files from themeforest, on the right side the files of theme on your server.