How to change write permissions

Updated: April 26, 2014, 8:07 pm


Our themes require write permissions on one folder and one file.

Therefore you have to change write permissions on ait-cache directory which is in theme directory and on style.css (this file is dynamically generated using settings from AIT Admin).

If you have access to the server via SSH

Use chmod command:

chmod 0777 ait-cache style.css

or with sudo

sudo chmod 0777 ait-cache style.css

If you have access to the server via FTP

Use your favourite FTP client application to change permissions. For the following example we used Total Commander on Windows:
From menu Files chose Change Attributes... And then enter 777 to text field or check all checkboxes.

This permission issue will be fixed in next releases of our AIT WordPress Framework. We’re working hard on implementing WP Filesystem API for your convenience.