How to configure twitter widget

Updated: April 26, 2014, 8:10 pm


AIT twitter widget displays chosen number of tweets from particular twitter user. Since twitter released its new API (1.1) there are few steps that need to be done before one can use AIT twitter widget. Because according to new twitter policy every API request needs to be authorized, one must first login to twitter developer site and create custom twitter application. Every twitter application provides authorization information that can be used by 3rd party, in this case our widget.


  • 1. Go to (You will need to login with your twitter account. If you’re making page for someone else, you should create seperate account or ask your client to accompish these steps.)
  • 2. Fill in required form fields. Use whatever values as these are not important for our widget. Don’t forget “http://” prefix in URL address field. Create an application.
  • 3. You will see your newly created application page. Find and copy Consumer key and Consumer secret values to AIT twitter widget configuration in your wordpress administration.
  • 4. Customize other AIT twitter widget options and save.
  • 5. (Optional) Tweet something nice about AIT-Themes. :)