How to disable comments on posts/pages.

Updated: August 21, 2013, 2:07 pm

You can enable or disable “Leave a reply” box directly in the settings of your posts while you edit them, or disable comments globally in wordpress settings.

Example of “Leave a reply/comment” box:
comment box

1. Disable comments in default WordPress settings

Go to options: “Settings > Discussions” and click Allow people to post comments on new articles.
This option turn off possibility to add new comments for new posts created after this change.
To remove/disable existing comments from pages/posts, follow please step 2:

2. Disable comments on separated pages

Go to edit page of post or page, it is possible that settings for Discussion are hide, so open Screen Options in the top right corner of page as you can see on next image, and check Discussion checkbox:

Then you will be able to disable/enable comments in the settings of this page:

To do not need repeat this for each page/post separately, you can select pages where you want disable comments in the list of all your pages, follow please images:

Select pages and choose Edit option, click Apply button.
disable comments on more pages at once

On the next screen select for Comments option: Do not allow.
disable comments all at once

After this you may notice text “Comments are closed.” on pages where were comments before.
This message you can simply hide with custom css, just paste in AIT Appearance > Custom CSS section this code:
.nocomments { display: none !important; }