Impression Homepage

Updated: April 17, 2012, 9:28 am

The Homepage of the impression wordpress theme contains following sections:

  • Tab Slider
  • Content
  • Service boxes
  • Testimonials

The layout of the homepage is shown in the picture below


This theme lets you use our brand new fullwidth tab slider:

  • You can choose 4 tabs
  • Put there any pictures set you want and make them different from another
  • Give picture a descriptions and links

Each tab of slider is set up in the General settings > Header. The sliders can be set up locally in each page.

Dynamic Homepage Content

The content in the examination theme contains 2 sections:

  • Content
  • Right service box content

Also the content has a dynamic manner. So if you insert a widget into the subpage widget area, the whole content of the page dynamically scales with the desired layout. The layouts of the homepage content are shown in the pictures below:

  • Homepage content with no service box

  • Homepage content with service box active


Testimonials section in this theme lets you instert a short line of text for your advertisment or to notice your users. Our testimonials also comes with the image which you can specify inside the testimonials section. All of the settings can be set up locally in the each page or globally in the general settings > testimonials in the wp-admin.

Service boxes

The service boxes section is for displaying features, usephul information or anything else for your page. To create service box, navigate to wp-admin and in the mainmenu you’ll see “service boxes”. Each service box can have:

  • Image
  • Title
  • Link

Also the service box category can be inserted to the page via the global (wp-admin > general settings > service boxes) or locally in each page