If you have problems with your visual editor and you can’t use it, you can turn off our icons using file “config.php” in the root directory of the theme. If you don’t have config.php file, please create it. Just set value wysiwyg = disabled Please also refer to the following document.

A lot of our customers asked us, how to make some changes of styles on their sites. Based on your requests and questions, here is little tutorial how you can use developer tools in your browser. 1. Developer tools in your browser Developer tools allow you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript […]

When you have purchased one of our themes, we will be happy to have rating from you on Themeforest site where you bought your theme. Just sign in with your credentials and you will be able to give rating for template, you can see on next image

All our themes build on our AIT Framework provide option to insert Google Analytics tracking code in General Settings. Note: Insert just tracking ID, not the full javascript code generated by Google Analytics.

If you are moving your site to another domain, you would follow some general steps to run your site correctly on new domain. Here are fast steps to move your site between domains: 1. copy all WordPress files and folder to your new domain over FTP (copy absolutely everything with all uploaded files and theme) […]

In WordPress Admin go to Settings – > Reading. Select “A static page (select below)” from “Front page displays” and choose one page from the dropdown for home-page (front-page) and one page for blog page: If the theme has special homepage template (layout) then go to your homepage and set homepage template:

To show twitter box (stream) on post or page you have to insert twitter box shortcode to the page content. You can do it by clicking on the following button in WYSIWYG editor: Select twitter and insert your twitter username: You can insert twitter box into sidebar or into widget area as well:

To include google map on post or page you have to insert google map shortcode to the page content. You can do it by clicking on the following button in WYSIWYG editor:

Our themes require write permissions on one folder and one file. Therefore you have to change write permissions on ait-cache directory which is in theme directory and on style.css (this file is dynamically generated using settings from AIT Admin).

In this template you can use two types of settings: Global settings Local settings Global settings Global settings can be found in the General Settings page. All what you have set up in these global settings is set up for all you pages. If you want to have slider, or for example the same appearance […]

If you purchase our theme at ThemeForest site, all you need to do is just sign in with your username and password, and then download your chosen theme.

  We recommend you to install Widget Logic plugin in order to be able to control which widget can be shown on which page. After the plug-in is installed, a new “Widget Logic” input box is displayed in the options box of every widget you use. In this box, you can type a series of WordPress conditional tags to […]

Introduction AIT twitter widget displays chosen number of tweets from particular twitter user. Since twitter released its new API (1.1) there are few steps that need to be done before one can use AIT twitter widget. Because according to new twitter policy every API request needs to be authorized, one must first login to twitter […]

1. Please go to the following url to generate cufon: http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ 2. Download your javascript font file and save it into design – > fonts folder (in theme). This font will automatically appear in fonts dropdown in admin.

Facebook comments can be added to every page. First we recommend you to disable default wordpress comments. Please click on the following tutorial if you are not sure how to disable wordpress comments.

To show facebook box (like plugin) on post or page you have to insert facebook box shortcode to the page content. You can do it by clicking on the following button in WYSIWYG editor:

In this article you can read how to create Child Theme from themes with our AIT Framework, starting from Creator theme to our newest themes. (find list of all our themes here) What are the most important parts in child theme? 1. ait-cache folder 2. Templates folder 3. style.css file Let’s explain whole process on […]

(example for WP Directory Item type) Following tutorial shows how to add few simple fields into your Item custom type in Directory theme (basically steps to edit other custom types in other themes are very similar…). Adding additional information for some custom type require: 1. Modify backend where you can store information for custom type. […]