Our themes provide two ways to manage options: Global settings Local settings Global settings Global settings can be found in the General Settings page. All what you have set up in these settings is set up for all of your pages. For example, if you want to have slider on all of your pages or […]

If you purchase our theme at ThemeForest portal, all you need to do is just sign in with your username and password, and then download your chosen theme.

Here is the tutorial how to translate Datepickers in the reservation form. What we will need to do? 1. Download package with datepicker script from http://jqueryui.com/ (package should include translation files) 2. Upload these files into theme directory 3. Create script to apply language for datepickers Note please that code below is just example of […]

First go to Sliders and create a slider category for example Sports Next add slides and assign them to the Sports slider Next go to AIT Dashboard -> General settings and on Reservation Module tab set the Editable Type like on screenshot. You can change text to whatever you want. Field where you need to […]

Quick guide how to set up different portfolio types. You can include images or videos as well and link them to any url.

Introduction AIT twitter widget displays chosen number of tweets from particular twitter user. Since twitter released its new API (1.1) there are few steps that need to be done before one can use AIT twitter widget. Because according to new twitter policy every API request needs to be authorized, one must first login to twitter […]

For each your custom type you can create special reservation form, for example for booking some of provided sports. Example of this form. Here is the tutorial how you can create special reservation form like you can see in this picture: See also video tutorial how you can set up special form: Special form for […]

Preview of the custom type with function to rename itself from the wordpress admin

The newly added functionality combines the slider function with the reservation function. The older version of this functionality was presented by the room viewer, in which you can…

Video tutorials how to set up: Roomviewer in your Homepage Summary Form Editable type in slider through Global Settings Special form for booking your special services.

If you are moving your site to another domain, you would follow some general steps to run your site correctly on new domain. Here are fast steps to move your site between domains: 1. copy all WordPress files and folder to your new domain over FTP (copy absolutely everything with all uploaded files and theme) […]

  We recommend you to install Widget Logic plugin in order to be able to control which widget can be shown on which page. After the plug-in is installed, a new “Widget Logic” input box is displayed in the options box of every widget you use. In this box, you can type a series of WordPress conditional tags to […]

In this article you can read how to create Child Theme from themes with our AIT Framework 1 – older themes that don’t use Page Builder. (find list of all our themes here) What are the most important parts in child theme? 1. ait-cache folder 2. Templates folder 3. style.css file Let’s explain whole process […]

Guesthouse theme documentation is also localized to few languages. Please see below: Spanish language Please note that it’s a 3rd party documentation and we’ve added it here for your convenience. If you have any question regarding the localized documentation, please contact documentation author.