TERMINATOR - 13 different Admin Backend pages

Terminator Admin Template that has a hell of a lot of features. It’s designed with cool “Storm Black / Aluminium” colors to make your backend even better than it is  :) Template is touch screen ready, tested on iPad, iPhone and Android. The best thing is to click on EVERYTHING you see in the live demo!

Terminator Admin Template is the full backend design. All you need is to implement into your application. Professional looking with many different functions and features. User friendly, flexible to customize according your needs.

Terminator Admin Template features:

  • Touch screen support, tested on iPad, iPhone and Android
  • Fixed width design
  • 3 level vertical navigation
  • Large vertical sliding navigation containg the most importants navigation items
  • Advanced dashboard
  • Categories box
  • Sliding boxes
  • Unlimited variations for creating custom tables and boxes
  • A lot of classes for creating custom columns and boxe
  • Charting library
  • Fancybox for lightbox effect and modal windows
  • Datatables library for ordering, filtering and managing your content
  • WYSIWIG editors – TinyMCE and jQuery WYSIWYG
  • Well structured HTML & JavaScript code

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